8 Handy Hints for Wedding Lingerie Shopping

Trendiest bridal hairstyle The wedding night is edging closer, and you are looking for the perfect little number to up the tempo. Your wedding plans for the big day are all in order yet what about the undergarments? These can be the fundamentals on which our perfect dress rests. A bra that is too big or too small […]

Healthy Habits for a Healthy Bride

images Many brides-to-be look forward to looking their absolute best on their wedding day and want the ‘perfect wedding photo’. Well, here’s a little secret… by harvesting healthy habits on a day-to-day, moment-to-moment basis, you create a healthy version of yourself that feels AMAZING. And when you feel amazing, you are going to look amazing. There […]

Color for Women of Color: Top Tips for Wedding Makeup

wedding make-up recipe Splurging on a professional makeup artist may not be in your budget realm, but it is still possible to perfect your wedding makeup. Although it is valuable to get a professional to make sure your makeup looks perfect on your wedding day, you know your face the most intricately. You know exactly what you like, […]

4 Hair Solutions for Wondrous Wedding Hair

Trendiest bridal hairstyles Your hair is the crown that you wear, and your wedding hair can be an amazing enhancement to your wedding day bliss. Sometimes all our hair needs is a little bit of tender loving care… Whether you’re looking for a quick fix only a few days before your wedding or tips for the long term, […]

3 Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

2c23d59297e9f0a6b5e68778dc01ea77 The art of gift giving is highlighted during weddings. The guests usually leave a physical present for the wedding couple however they also give a gift of simply being there, do not overlook this, as a collective to give blessing to your wedding. The couple tends give the gift of the food and/or drink as […]

5 Natural Ways to Brighten your Wedding Day Smile

African american wedding white salmon pink fuchsia colorful spring summer bright simple modern diy bride bridal sash veil hair style shabby chic zadesignz 2 Ideally, every bride and groom would like to flash bright smiles on their wedding day. There are a million and one things to do and think about besides this (it seems) and so here are 5 super simple, natural and cost-effective tips to brighten and whiten your teeth in preparation for the big day… 1…2…3…Smile […]

5 Top Wedding Shoe Trends for the Sassy African Bride

Cinderella or Liz Carlyle? How to choose the best wedding shoes Many brides-to-be define finding the perfect wedding shoes as an urgent priority in the planning pyramid. There is an abundance of contemporary International designers who create beautiful shoes, and the choice of shoe style seems to be endless. The range of styles may be vast yet there are definitely some noteworthy standouts which are paces […]