Wedding Gowns and Wedding Dresses

Alice Fashion World

  • Founded by fashion designer Alice Dosi, who not only dress the bride, bridegroom and maids, but also ensure there is glamour and style during the whole ceremony.
  • Alice is an IT-degree graduate, who examined the growing wedding industry in Tanzania and decided to quit her job to follow her dreams. She decided to design wedding gowns as well as outfits for sendoff and kitchen parties.

Wedding Bells Bridal Boutique

  • Wedding Bells is stylish full service bridal and special occasion’s boutique that offers a wide variety of bridal, bridesmaids, flower girls and evening dresses as well as bridal and wedding accessories.

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3 thoughts on “Wedding Gowns and Wedding Dresses

  1. agnes tumaini says:

    Hello people..i realy love your dresses but most just seen for slim people to you have wedding gawns for thick figure aldo????

  2. i need a wedding bell.i want to know the price and your location here in dar

  3. I want to know your location in dar and your contact too.

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